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19 April 2010 @ 03:02 pm
Word Bank  


Word Bank Exercise


from the word bank: “Icons: the past century is being summarized with a quick twist.”




The past century is being summarized with a quick twist:


On the seventh day, God rested,

but he woke up on the eighth day,

and boy was he pissed!


“So I take some time to recuperate

to make myself feel well.

I create the entire universe,

and you just let it go to hell.”


We hoped he’d have a sense of humor

see the irony in our stupidity,

but that was a little too optimistic.


“Falling flames would work, I think

or maybe storms and floods.

No punishment seems quite adequate,

and I’d rather see your blood.”


The vengeful creator was back

and he was intent on making us pay

for everything we ruined.


“You break it, you bought it

and you don’t have my currency

so I’ll take back what’s rightfully mine

consider this your ‘state of emergency.’”


We run and hide, but it does no good

to try and escape something

so amazingly powerful.


“Made of clay and dumb as brick

it’s time to strike the match.

Now excuse me while I cleanse the world

and begin building again... from scratch.”