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30 May 2011 @ 08:13 pm
Writer's Block: Take me back  
Is there any song that reminds you so much of an ex-partner that you can't stand to hear it? Details, please.

"Just a Taste" by Scary Kids Scaring Kids.

That song exemplified how I felt when my ex broke up with me the first time, almost three years ago. All I wanted was one more taste, and all he wanted was the girl that broke his heart.

"Now you can sleep, can you smile, too?" -- He told me, as he was ending our relationship, that he couldn't sleep at night, being with me while he was thinking of her, so that lyric just ripped out of me every time I heard the song after that.

Even now, at the final end to our relationship, and of my own doing, I've never felt such an emotional pull to a song as I did to this one when my first love broke my heart for the first time. This song is on many mixes of mine, but now when I hear it, it disgusts me a little bit. I wasted so much time on someone who never really loved me, and this song was there through every instance that should have been a red flag. It's a constant reminder of how hopelessly naive I was. Maybe I should listen to it more, lest I forget again.
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