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19 April 2010 @ 02:40 pm
The Covenant  

The Covenant

The First Draft


The fateful words are seeping through.

I will hold the fear.

My heart is tired.

My heart is in mourning.

I am the heave and the gasp.

I am uncertain and in denial.

In my mind I take him

like a picture. I cut out

his final smile of ignorance.

I past his skin and his

hair line into all my memories.

I feel every dip and I will

color inside his lines with my sorry hand.

My ache and his release are one.

I am at the apex of reminiscence.


A loaded gun is

pointed towards my heart.

I feel a tearful gush

as the dam breaks inside.

Without this love I make a choice

to remain and without his strength

I forget what I was before and

without my life I will fail him.

He will look down from above me

and his sobs will throb

like heartbeats... Allow me

my faith and my will.

Allow me my resolution and my closure.

He was my god and my lover and

I will do it right.